Cone Irreversible Lock

Input: yellow handle having two round protrusions at its face.
Output: grey shaft.
Blue outer cone has prismatic joint with the shaft. It is forced toward the stationary internal cone (in glass) and the handle by red spring. The blue cone has V-shaped grooves at its face.
When a torque is applied to the handle (orange arrows), the latter first pushes the blue cone from the contact with the internal cone (the displacement is small due to the shaft shoulder) then turns the grey shaft (due to the interaction of the round protrusions of the handle and the V-shaped grooves of the blue cone).
When a torque is applied to the grey shaft (pink arrows), it can’t make the shaft rotate because of the friction between the two cones.
The yellow round protrusions can be converted into V-shaped ones.
Number of the V-shaped grooves and protrusions can be more than two.