Double Ratchet Mechanism

Input: red crank.
Output: violet slider moving one time in six revolutions of the input.
Violet screw is fixed to the violet slider.
Violet screw engages with the thread of the blue nut - ratchet wheel.
Two green pawls are fixed to each other.
Outer green pawl can engage with the yellow ratchet wheel.
Inner green pawl can engage with the blue ratchet wheel.
In one revolution of the input, yellow ratchet wheel turns 1/12 revolution and pauses.
In every six revolutions of the input, the blue ratchet wheel turns together with the yellow ratchet wheel only one time, when the outer green pawl is in the deeper tooth grooves (in red).
When the outer green pawl is not in the deeper tooth grooves, the inner green pawl does not contact the blue ratchet wheel.

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