Gear Crank Mechanism for Linear Motion With Dwells

Input: pink crank.
R: pitch diameter of fixed gear of internal teeth.
r: pitch diameter of planetary gear (in yellow).
k = R/r = 6
Yellow crank is fixed to the yellow gear.
Yellow crank radius Rc = 0.215r.
Center of red slider traces green line, which is approximately an equilateral hexagon (a hypotrochoid).
Blue slider performs reciprocating motion with dwells at its end positions.
The dwell results from the portions of the green line that are perpendicular to the blue slider moving direction.
The dwell time T corresponds less than 360/k deg. (60 deg.) of input rotation.
For other value of T alter k and Rc.
In this video k is an even number.
If k is an odd number, the dwell can be only at one end of the slider stroke.

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