Geneva Mechanism

Input: blue crank
Output: green disk rotating with dwells.
Input and output are coaxial.
In one revolution of the blue crank the green disk rotates ΒΌ rev.
Red curve is locus of the red roller center.
Orange slider kept the green disk immobile during its dwell.
Main dimensions of the mechanism are:
- crank radius of the blue crank
- side length of the green square disk
- length of the pink conrod.
They are determined based on a sketch (not shown) where:
- Angle of crank and horizontal line is 60 deg.
- Angle of square side of the green disk and horizontal line is 45 deg.
- Square side (contains roller center), crank radius line and the line that is drawn from the slider center and perpendicular to the sliding direction of the runway, are concurrent.

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