Internal Geneva and Epicyclic Gear Mechanism

Input: blue crank.
Output: green disk
The pin that interacts with the disk slots is placed on the satellite pinion (in pink). Its center traces yellow line.
Zg/Zp = 2n/(n-2)
R + r = B.sin(Pi/n)
Zg: tooth number of stationary grey gear. Here Zg = 80.
Zp: tooth number of pink gear. Here Zp = 20.
n: number of slots on green disk, Here n = 4
R: distance from axis of the pink gear to rotary axis of the blue crank.
r: radius of the pink crank.
B: distance between two stationary bearings.
Blue ring is for keeping the green disk immobile during its dwell.
The output acceleration is reduced considerably in this mechanism in comparison with ordinary Geneva one.