Skew Teeth-Uncompleted Gear Drive

Input: lower gear rotating continuously.
Output: upper gear rotating interruptedly.
For the lower gear:
Its number of remained teeth Z1c = 3 (45 deg.)
Its number of teeth (teeth-completed) Z1 = 24
Its number of cut-off teeth Z1f = Z1 – Z1c = 21 (315 deg.)
There is a pink rim located in the place, where the teeth are cut off.
The number of the upper gear (teeth-completed) Z2 = 24.
It has eight red triangular slots.
The rim and slots are for keeping the upper gear immobile during its dwell.
When the yellow makes 1 revolution, the blue makes an angle A = 1/8 revolution.
Alter Z1, Z1c and Z2 to get various values of A.

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