Transmission With Teeth-Uncompleted Gears

Input: large gear (teeth-uncompleted), rotating continuously.
Its number of teeth (teeth-completed) Z1
Its number of remained teeth Z1c
Tops of two end teeth are cut off for meshing start.
Output: small gear rotating interruptedly.
Its number of teeth Z2
In 1 revolution of the input, the output turns A deg. and then pauses.
For this video: Z1 = 40; Z1c = 9; Z2 = 20; A = 180 deg.
Alter Z1c from 1 to 37 to get other value of A from 36 deg. to 684 deg. (increasing step: 18 deg.)
The small gear is kept immobile during its pause stages thanks to no teeth sector of the large gear.

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