Coaxial Double Coulisse Mechanism

Pink and violet cranks of the same radius are coaxial.
Input: pink crank regularly rotating.
Output: violet crank that irregularly (in general) rotates in the input rotary direction.
Green double coulisse has revolution joint with blue slider.
The irregular rotation level can be changed by adjusting center distance A between the green coulisse rotary axis and the crank axis (moving rotary axis of the green double coulisse).
The video shows the adjusting process from regular rotation (when A = 0) to irregular one and reversely.
The adjustment can be carried out without stopping the input crank.
- Yellow rollers must be set in opposite directions. If not, both cranks always rotate at the same velocity and direction.
- Distance A must not exceed the crank radius. If not, the output motion is unstable when the cranks are perpendicular to the green coulisse.

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